New decals - 1/200 Belgian Hurricane, Gladiator, Battle, CR.42 & Romanian Bf-109E

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Welcome to Miscellaneous Miniatures - Decals and Miniature Painting

Painting Commissions

I do accept commissions to assemble, convert, and paint models and miniatures.  Due to project workload, I've been running a backlog of two to four months.  That means, for a routine project, you can expect me to start the project in two to four months.  Projects that need earlier attention come at a premium price.

Typical Costs

Aircraft - Due to the variety of models and materials available, the following are general estimates.  They are for finishing customer provided models that do not need significant assembly, conversion, or preparation.  The lower cost is four a WW2 single-engine fighter while the higher cost would be for a typical WW2 four-engine bomber.

1/600 - $3 to $10

1/300 -1/285 - $5 to $12.50

1/200 - $10 to $17.50

1/144 - $12.50 to $20

1/100 - $15 to $30

 The following can increase the estimate:

  • Complicated paint schemes, additional colors, and large number of decals.
  • Assembly, conversions, or repairing miscast/broken models/miniatures.
  • Cost of model and/or decals if not provided by the customer.
  • Rush jobs.
  • Larger models will cost more, contact me for an estimate.
  • Working with 3D printed miniatures and models.
  • Sales tax on all sales in Virginia.

Figures - You can estimate $20 to $25 for a typical 28mm to 32mm figure.  Special requests, mounted figures, major conversions, custom basing, or major assembly requirements will increase that.

Custom Decals

I have a capability to make some custom decals, please contact me with the details of your project if you think I can help.  For and 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of decals estimate a final cost of $40.  A half sheet would be $20, a quarter sheet $10, and so on.

As a general rule, I do not print files sent to me.  When I do, it's after I've proof that the owner of the content has provided consent.