New decals - 1/200 F/A-18 VFA-31 and 1/100 Sepecat Jaguar EC 3/3

Falls Church, VA 22042-4301, USA

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Custom Decals

I have a capability to make some custom decals, please contact me with the details of your project if you think I can help.  For and 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of decals estimate a final cost of $40.  A half sheet would be $20, a quarter sheet $10, and so on.


The process starts by letting me know information about the project, that includes detailed descriptions or links to pictures, sizes, scales, colors, quantities, and other pertinent information.  I then determine if I can accept the project.  If I can, then I create a draft of the work and send it back for review.  The process goes on until either the customer is satisfied with the look or I determine that it's beyond my capabilities.  Once satisfied, I'll organize a sheet and add it to the store for ease  of purchase.

I won't do trademarked or copyrighted material and generally don't print files provided by individuals. 

I use a very basic graphics program and have a very limited capability to make nose art and the like.  I therefore avoid projects that have more than a minimal amount of nose art.