New decals - 1/200 F/A-18 VFA-31 and 1/100 Sepecat Jaguar EC 3/3

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Updated 25 November, 2019

Decals recently added to the webstore

1/100 Sepecat Jaquar 

1/200 F/A-18 VFA-31

1/200 Me-410 and -210

1/200 Spitfire 485 Sqn (New Zealand) presentation aircraft

1/200 A-20 Havoc ETO and PTO

28mm Fantasy banner and shield images

15mm Landing Craft numbers

1/100 Yak Normandie-Niemen

1/100 P-39/P-400 8th Fighter Group (Air-a-Cutie)

1/200 US stars with red outline 

1/200 P-47 353rd FS

1/200 P-47 513th FS

Double-headed Eagle insignia 3mm, 3.5mm, & 4mm wide.  Designed for 15mm figures with shields

1/200 333 sqn Mosquito 

28mm Guards Armoured Division Shoulder Patch

1/200 Football War - Honduran Corsairs and El Salvadoran Mustangs and Corsairs

1/200 D4Y2 and 3 Judy

1/200 A-26 and B-26B Invaders

1/200 Invasion Stripes for DH. Mosquito


MW - Seven He-111s being painted.  1/144 Pzl.11s, Bf-110s, Potez 63-11 received.

Mel  - USAAF P-39 and B-24J.  RAF CC Hudson, RAF Mosquito, and RAF Stirling.   Luftwaffe Me-210, Me-410, and He-219.  IJN/IJA Val and Lily.  When  available Halifax, Dave, Mavis.

28mm (ID) Dust Tactics figures clean and prep for priming.

Decal Short List - lots of decal subjects on the to-do list, these are the ones on the Short List

1/200 Mirage F1 - Iraq and South Africa 

1/200 F-14 - US and Iran

1/200 F-15 - US and IAF

1/200 F-16 - US and IAF

1/200 F7F - USN and USMC

1/200 Indian and Communist Chinese aircraft

B-29 Korea

1/200 P-51D 348th FG

1/100 A-37 decals ready to be added to the store.

1/200 USAF A1, F-5, F-101, F-104, and A-26

1/200 and 1/144 P-40E/Kittyhawk N Africa and CBI, by request

1/200  and 1/144 Dewoitine 520, images available 

1/200 F-82, F-84, and EF-10

1/200 More BoB Spitfire and Hurricane squadrons

1/600 and 1/200 US Midway

1/600 Korea

1/600 British WW2 Lancaster, Wellington, Blenheim, Stirling

1/600 USAAF P-51 487th FS & P-47 56th FG

1/200 RAF Thunderbolts

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