Updated February 18, 2019


Recently completed decal sets that are in the store now:

  • 1/300 PT boats and MAS Boats
  • 1/200 He-177s, Me-163s and He162s, Do-217s, and Nachtjagers
  • 1/200 USAAF B-25s
  • 1/200 P-40 RNZAF
  • 1/200 Fw-190 JG54 and JG26


28mm (ID) Dust Tactics figures clean and prep for priming.
AIM display models 1/300 Mi-26, 1/200 UH-1, 1/200 SH-2, Mosquito FB and B - working.
1/200 Tu-95 not started and 1/300 Tu-16 primed.

Team Yankee Warsaw Pact vehicles  - T-72s and SA-8s not started.  Received additional T-62s.

LN in CO 1/144 P-47s wheel wells filled, Me-163 and P-51s are on deck. 

TT in NY - received 1/300 scale French, Italian, and British airplane minis.

CA - 18 BRS Spitfires, 18 Bf-109s, and three Ju-88s.

BL in VA 20mm Russians and some IJA bunkers.

DS in OH - primed, painting started.

Decal Short List - lots of decal subjects on the to-do list, these are the ones on the Short List

1/285 squadron codes CBI, by request.

1/300 Korean War, by request.

1/200 and 1/144 P-40E/Kittyhawk N Africa and CBI, by request.

1/200  Dewoitine 520, Spitfire IX and Tempest. 

1/200 F-82, and B-26 Invader (Korea), Skynight, and EF-10

1/200 SH-2

1/200 Tempest

1/600 British WW2 Lancaster, Wellington, Blenheim, Stirling

1/600 USAAF P-51 487th FS, P-47 56th FG

1/200 RAF Thunderbolts

1/200 B-26s

1/200 B-17s

USN aircraft mid-30s, by request.

1/100 Custom VNAF A1 Skyraider - 2nd draft sent to custo